The Food Is the Most Important Part of Your Wedding and Here’s Why

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A good meal can make or break an event, and your wedding is no exception. From a full-on plated dinner to a cocktail hour buffet, your menu needs to be flavorful and memorable.

Give guests something they can enjoy as they mingle, like grilled kabobs filled with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. Or, serve up a brunch-inspired entree with eggs benny paired with mimosas.

1. It?s the Food

A delicious meal is a must for weddings, and there are so many fun ways to incorporate food into your special day.

Whether you want to serve a classic like surf and turf or something more unique like lamb and eggplant, it?s important to find a dish that both you and your sweetie love. This will help make the whole event feel more intimate.

Poke bowls are a popular option because they can be prepared in advance, and your guests can customize their own plate with whichever toppings they want. Plus, they are a great vegetarian option for those that don?t eat meat.

If your wedding is during the day or you and your sweetie are big fans of brinner, a brunch buffet will be a hit with guests. This can include both savory and sweet dishes like biscuits and gravy, eggs benny, or even just a simple spread of toast and jams.

2. It?s the Drinks

When planning your wedding menu, it?s important to consider all aspects of your day. From a plated dinner to cocktail hour, your food choices not only set the tone for the rest of the event but also reflect your personality and love story.

For instance, if your favorite date night activity is visiting local breweries, serve your guests craft beers on a tap station adorned with pineapples. Or, if brunch is your thing, serve a build-your-own crostini bar topped with toppings like ricotta and honey or pesto and sundried tomato.

For dessert, mini hand pies are a cute alternative to classic cakes and can be served in a variety of flavors. And, of course, you need something to wash it all down! For an extra special touch, have a signature drink that showcases the couple?s style or even the location of their honeymoon. This will add a personal touch and keep your guests hydrated throughout the evening.

3. It?s the Ambiance

A lot goes into planning a wedding and while the venue, music, photography and dress are all important, in years to come, guests will remember your day as much for what they ate as what they saw. People will recall how their taste buds were satisfied and how they felt after a delicious meal.

The food is what will give your event the most flavor, and the best way to do that is to create a menu that showcases you and your significant other as a couple crew logout. Incorporate dishes you love to eat together, like your favorite mac and cheese or the craft beer you enjoy on the weekends.

Be sure to schedule a food tasting with your caterer before the big day. This way you can see the food plated as it will be at your wedding and ensure it will look appetizing on your special day. Also, make sure to discuss with your caterer about dietary restrictions and how they can accommodate everyone.

4. It?s the Memories

The food at your wedding will be one of the most memorable parts of your big day. If you think about your favorite weddings, you probably recall the beautiful venue, the gorgeous dress and the great DJ – but what about the food?

Your guests are going to be hungry on your wedding night and they want to eat something delicious! Consider this when choosing your menu and if possible, do a tasting with your caterer before your wedding day to make sure everything tastes the way you expect it to.

It is also important to clearly note on your menu if there are dietary restrictions for some of your guests, such as vegetarian and vegan options. This will prevent any upset stomachs or unhappy guests and make them feel cared for and special. You also want to be sure you are preparing enough food for your vendors, such as the planners, photographers, videographers and the band or DJ if they will be on site all evening.

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