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The client got in touch with us because of concerns over the site not generating any sales. Here, the challenge was two-fold:

1) Web hosting is a highly competitive market and it is difficult for newbies to make a place for themselves, let alone get on the first page of search engines.

2) Customers’ online presence is at stake with their hosting provider.

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The client got in touch with us with the aim to improve and expand on the on-going Pay-Per-Click (PPC) activity. While we had been working with the client on the online business’s paid search campaign for several months now, the main focus this time was to enhance conversions and cut down the cost-per-conversion for all the products available on-shelf.

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The client offers custom framing and custom mirrors to local customers. While the client did have a showroom at a prime, easily accessible location with a good number of visitors & buyers.
The client approached us with the view to utilize our performance based SEO services, seeking an increase in search traffic & online lead generation.

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I am happy with the customer service that I received from this company. I will use them again for other projects. As this was my first major project I learned a lot about the process. Thank You for your patience and willingness to work with me.


The folks I dealt with for this project at Cheasyy_Solution are consummate professionals. They are very patient and followed through with their promise to work on the project until I was satisfied. Although there is a significant time zone difference – it proved to be of little consequence as Cheasyy was very responsive to every request for execution and clarification. I feel that I am lucky to have chosen Cheasyy_Solution as provider for my first – Project. I learned quite a bit about what is required in posting an accurate project scope and appreciate Cheasyy’s guidance and support. The web site they created came out great.

Thomas W

I don’t have words to praise them. The quality of work was ecstatic, with great content and valuable information. My best ever experience.. I was kept updated at all times during the project and work was completed in a very timely and professional manner. Could have expected anything better. Definitely recommended to everyone and I will most definitely continue to work with them.


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