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The client operates a privately held shoe company that is headquartered in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The store sells in excess of 30 prominent brands and there are over 4000 boots to choose from for men, women and children.

Despite the recession-hit economy, the business is growing and getting stronger. The retailer recently expanded the 15,000 square feet flagship store situated in Fond du Lac.


The client got in touch with us with the aim to improve and expand on the on-going Pay-Per-Click (PPC) activity. While we had been working with the client on the online business’s paid search campaign for several months now, the main focus this time was to enhance conversions and cut down the cost-per-conversion for all the products available on-shelf.

1) As far as the client’s budget went, it was no constraint. There were no limitations with regards to the increase in amount spent for the project as long as it returned ‘profitable sales’.

2) The client’s business already had the maximum possible budget allotted and inspire of that, there was no visible increase in clicks and conversions.

3) On an average, the client’s product price was about $100 and there was intense competition from both the local suppliers across all American cities as well as companies that were at national level.

The real challenge here, therefore, was to maintain the cost-per-conversion while also improve and increase sales substantially.

The Approach

We designed an effective strategy to work towards meeting the expectations that the client had from us. First, we worked towards understanding the client’s entire business and then we thoroughly analyzed all the existing campaigns. We used various intelligent tools to understand the competitors’ prime keywords as well as their tentative bids.

With all our findings, we carried out a thorough discussion with the client, after which we categorized and divide the products for sales on the basis of demand, price and competition.

For keywords that were highly competitive, we kept the bid rate low, in order to be ranked between positions 3 and 10. On the other hand, for keywords that were moderate or low competition, we decided to keep the bid in top 3 places.

As we carried out our research, we discovered over a thousand keywords that were essentially ‘low competition’.

We then started to implement the advanced strategies on a regular basis. There was active monitoring of the campaign on an on-going, everyday basis. One of the most important and helpful things that we did was that we utilized the newest Google Ad Words features to ensure that the client races ahead of competition.


Thanks to the strategies that we had implemented, the campaign and project were a definite success. A clear year-on-year comparison showed:

1. An average increase of over 75% with regards to month-on-month conversions (as compared to the same months last year).
PPC Results

2. In 2012, the Avg CPC was reduced by 14.30%, Cost/Conversion (1/click) was reduced by 41% and an increase of over 66% in conversions.
PPC Results

3. An increase of over 255.19% in conversions during the Christmas season (as compared to the same time last year).

PPC Results


The Client Said…

The folks I dealt with for this project at Cheasyy_Solution are consummate professionals. They are very patient and followed through with their promise to work on the project until I was satisfied. Although there is a significant time zone difference – it proved to be of little consequence as Cheasyy was very responsive to every request for execution and clarification. I feel that I am lucky to have chosen Cheasyy_Solution as provider for my first – Project. I learned quite a bit about what is required in posting an accurate project scope and appreciate Cheasyy’s guidance and support. The web site they created came out great.

Thomas W


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