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PPC Advertising

Can you gain many more times than what you pay for each click?

Cheasyy Solution facilitates optimum utilization of client’s online advertising budgets. With our broad level of understanding in PPC advertising, our clients will get the maximum with the minimum investment.

PPC Strategy: Our team of experts will undertake a detailed study of your line of business. They will determine the most targeted keywords and bid for those keywords in key promotional channels. Selection of social media platform like Facebook and Twitter depends on the product or service that you need to market. You will get the maximum benefit as you are able to figure out the potential customers and flash those banner ads to capture potential customers.

PPC bidding And Management: We help individual companies in launching their PPC campaigns, managing and renewing subscriptions automatically. We offer dedicated professional service to reach knowledgeable and most respected personalities through various PPC channels including blogs.

Media Placement: We will help you know which media presence has brought more clicks to your site. Usage of specific networks, relevant keywords and creative ads will trigger large number of hits to your site.

PPC Progression: We will handle research the trends happening on your website and help you find the cost effectiveness of PPC campaigns. By finding the landing hits, improvements on usage of buttons like “Buy Now”, “Contact Us” on your website will be suggested. You will also be guided to undertake major changes on your website to get optimum results through PPC campaigns.

Reporting & Campaign Tracking: We undertake submission of reports to our clients at periodic intervals to gauge their web presence through PPC and its effectiveness in terms of profits. It is essential to know the reruns on investments made through various marketing campaigns. What you reap from these investments should be many more times than what you sow into these campaigns. We will help you know the campaign costs, leads generated and conversion rate of website hits. This kind of guidance will help you go in right direction.



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I don’t have words to praise them. The quality of work was ecstatic, with great content and valuable information. My best ever experience.. I was kept updated at all times during the project and work was completed in a very timely and professional manner. Could have expected anything better. Definitely recommended to everyone and I will most definitely continue to work with them.


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