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Marketing for e-commerce

What do you mean by marketing for e-commerce?

Marketing for e-commerce means marketing techniques for buying and selling products or services through internet or any other electronic network like tablets, mobiles. It can also be referred to online marketing or internet marketing. The most important goal of e-commerce marketing is to increase the traffic.

Every marketing strategy deals with understanding of customers. Only attracting to your site is not enough, the targeted audience should also buy your product and then only your marketing cycle gets completed.

Techniques to do marketing for e-commerce stores:

Advertising: To publish your ads or banners on other targeted websites to attract the customers and increase the web traffic.

Video marketing: It means creating a promotional video of the product and display it as an advertisement in a particular website. It has become the most popular way to attract the customers. Normally you visit any online video sites such as youtube, the e-commerce website display their product video as an advertisement before the actual video you want to view. This helps in gaining a lot of traffic.

Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing means to promote your products through search engines like yahoo, MSN, Google, Mozilla firefox etc.
Social media marketing: Marketing of products by attracting traffic through social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO means increasing the number of visitors by improving the visibility of the web-page.

Pay per click: Pay per click means to get paid for each click of an ad regardless you buy a product or not. It is the price which you get for an online advertisement. The advertisers bid on the keyword which they think that the target audience would search the most online.

The other types of ecommerce marketing are affiliate marketing, Public relations, referrals, Email marketing.

Benefits of E-commerce Marketing:

• E-Commerce is one of the most inexpensive ways of marketing of recent times.
• It helps in attracting the customers at global level. It has the ability to target the customers from any corner of the world.
• E-commerce marketing strategy is cheaper than any other offline advertising method which proves to be beneficiary to any small scale business.
• The customer requires no investment to visit. To view a product requires only one click.
• It helps in building healthy customer relationship. The services offered by e-commerce online marketing is more effective.
• E-commerce marketing not only deals with selling of products but also to gather customer feedback which helps the dealer to improve the flaws in the product if any.
• E-commerce marketing helps to attract multiple customers at a time all over the world. Marketing is carried on a large scale. Therefore you can earn more profit in minimal time.


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