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Strategies that can help to build links locally and improve local SEO

Strategies that can help to build links locally and improve local SEO
Do you know a great way of attracting business for your online company or organization? Well it is optimization for local listings. You need to build your local presence in order to optimize your listings in your local search engines. Now this task is easier said than done, you need thought leadership and a good strategy for this purpose.

Businesspeople can now leverage their online presence thanks to the unique opportunity provided by the many digitized and mobile urban information such as the Wikipedia. Chances are, your town or city is going to have a Wiki page, if it doesn’t then you can look for any other community resource database which acts like an online guide for one’s town or city. These sites require content and you are going to provide them exactly what they want.

For example if you are link building for your client, then you should find these popular local websites and provide information such as contact number, address, pictures, etc of your client and link back to their website. This way you can also associate their business with geographic keywords.

It is common sense that one should start out small and then build things up from there. So in the event of your client’s business expanding or growing, you should also expand the targeted keywords you use and keep up with the pace of expansion. For example if your client has a store which is located in Chicago, downtown area and thanks to your SEO work, it has attracted customers from the surrounding suburbs then you should also repeat the same strategy which is mentioned above for the new areas, towns or villages. If one of the new places happens to be Naperville then your longtail keyword would evolve from the original “Chicago restaurant” to “Naperville restaurant” for instance.

Sometimes there are way too many local websites out there that it becomes a pain to submit the information. In such a case, thought leadership helps. But what is thought leadership? Well it is the art of positioning yourself as an expert or a company on a certain topic. A lot of public relations campaign has thought leadership playing a pivotal role.

After your client becomes a Thought leader, links will be happening automatically through interviews, etc and your job is to locate these marketing opportunities or websites and then pitch the client as an expert.

Local SEO provides more benefit than Google Local Business Listing, so put in your best efforts to build links and in no time you’ll be rewarded for your hardwork.


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