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Top 4 blunders that you should avoid when building links

Buying links isn’t the easiest of all tasks, it is very risky. When a person attempts to buy links, he is putting his website at risk and going against the guidelines of his preferred search engine, say Google. If one is not careful when doing this risky and difficult task then one could end up in a sticky situation if one’s website is banned. So in order to avoid all that fuss and danger, it is better to be well informed about the blunders or common pitfalls that one should avoid when building links. Here are the top 4 blunders:

1. You give out instances of the paid links that you’re responsible for, irrespective of whether you have a non-disclosure or not – This is one of the worst mistakes that you can make. It isn’t acceptable to expose your client’s secrets out to the public, whether you had a legal agreement with your client or not. It is quite common for a potential client to ask you to show some examples of your work, and if you do show them your link buys, then you basically lost it. In order to stay in the business you should rely on your reputation or goodwill and not on your link buys. Hence you should follow strict rules when it comes to your link buys and don’t disclose it to your potential clients.

2. You don’t give a reason for moving your link to a new page – When you are attempting to buy a link on other’s site and thus placing the in a possible bad situation, you should state the reason behind your request. Whether your reason is a drop in PR or anything else, you should always be brave enough to provide the right reason.

3. Lying to a webmaster that a paid link cannot hurt his site – There is definitely a possibility of the webmaster’s site taking a few blows such as a drop in page ranks, rankings, traffic, etc when a paid link is placed on his site. While this may not apply to every case, but you should inform your webmaster the truth.

4. You don’t explain the risks involved in paid links before you buy them – Although most of the clients are competitive and well-informed, but they are some who does not understand the risks of paid links and they want to invest their money in online business. In such a scenario, it is your duty to explain and make them understand the risk before you buy links for them.


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