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Internet Marketing and E-commerce

Internet Marketing and E-commerce:
Internet marketing means marketing of the products or services online. It refers to the strategies and techniques that are used for marketing of the products and services online. Internet marketing strategies includes web-designing, Search Engine Optimization, E-mail marketing, online promotions, blogs. Internet marketing helps in attracting customers as more and more people use internet now- a- days. Internet is the widest channel of communication available for all kind of businesses therefore internet marketing allow to attract customers rapidly.
E-commerce or electronic commerce means buying or selling of products or services through electronic means such as internet, mobiles, telephones ,fax machines, ATMs. E-commerce means paperless exchange of business information. E-commerce uses strategies such as public, relations, referrals, banner ads. Online shopping, online banking, teleconferencing, electronic tickets, instant messaging are some of the common business application related to e-commerce.
Relationship between Internet Marketing and E-commerce:
Internet marketing and e-commerce has marked its place in the world of technology. The success of any business at present strongly depends on Internet marketing as well as e-commerce. Therefore business requires both. Internet marketing and E-commerce both deals with online transactions. Internet marketing is a part of e-commerce. Internet marketing is similar to e- commerce online marketing or e- commerce website marketing. Both E-commerce and internet marketing is available to the customer 24/7 and is inexpensive way of promoting business. Internet marketing is associated to various business models. It comprises of e-commerce business model where goods and services are sold directly to consumers (B2C), businesses (B2B) or from one consumer to other consumer (C2C).
Difference between Internet Marketing and E-commerce:
Some people say that Internet marketing and e-commerce are same but there is a slight difference between these two terms.
E-commerce is a wider concept than internet marketing, Internet marketing only deals with business transactions carried through internet, e-mails, search engines whereas e-commerce carries business transactions through various electronic mediums like internet, mobiles, telephones, fax machines, ATMs, credit cards. Internet marketing looks from the advertising and branding perspective, it tries to grab the attention of the customers by attractive designs and ads whereas e-commerce looks from the shop-keeper perspective it tries to figure out how the customers will search the product, who will buy it, what features, functionality and prices would the customers accept. Internet marketing ties together the technical and creative aspect of internet, including designing, development sales and advertising. E-commerce marketing is considered to be the sales aspect of e-business; it includes exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspect of business transactions.



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