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How to use YouTube for link building

Nowadays people have started mixing media with offline methods to promote online marketing. For instance, print magazines have started putting a link to their YouTube account in almost all their articles. The beauty of using YouTube for the purpose of link building is that one does not have to worry about how the links would improve their Google ranking or their PageRank, one can simply think of it as a method of generating brand awareness, increasing the traffic to one’s site or for connecting with their community; and in the process, if one gets anything more than that, then consider it to be the cherry on the cake.

Here is a step by step way of how to use YouTube for one’s link building purposes:

Videos – This is the most important aspect, YouTube is all about videos and broadcasting oneself. So post the videos which are professional looking, well produced and which contains great content. Try to make it edgy and hip, this would draw the attention of the people.

– You can create a user’s channel or a brand channel on YouTube, but the latter is more appropriate for building social media links or general link building. If you post content on a regular basis and the people like them, then they would subscribe to you so that they could be notified about any new content that you would post in the future. YouTube is one of the most popular social sites out there and by capitalizing on it, one can expect great results.

– One can ask one’s YouTube subscribers for a link, it works!

Comments – Comments on YouTube are just as valuable and useful as blog comments, but be prepared to face some spams or downright stupid and nasty comments too. However the plus point here is that you can find like-minded individuals with the help of these comments.

Sharing – YouTube offers the option of video sharing, which makes things very convenient for the people and beneficial for you.

The benefit of having a YouTube account is that you can connect with like-minded users and interact with them to pick up new ideas. Also, if a user searches for your brand or product then your YouTube channel would be listed on the results page of the search engine. Having a YouTube account also facilitates competitive analysis. YouTube is a very famous site, which has been around for ages, but isn’t showing any signs of decline, so sharing video content with the people out there can help to attract attention and get them to visit your actual site.


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