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Checklist for your link building strategies

Checklist for your link building strategies

In order to build quality and plenty of links to one’s webpage or website, there are certain questions that should be asked pertaining to strategies of link building or a checklist to ensure that every thing has been carried out immaculately. Links can be counted as an important aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and hence they should be paid proper attention.

If you don’t have time for link building then it is advisable to outsource this to a competent person or a reputable company who can help you out, it is worth the investment because link building is very beneficial. For those who wishes to take things into their own hands and are willing to put in efforts and time to get quality links then here is a checklist to ensure everything is in order:

1. First, you need to decide the purpose of your link building. Is it for more traffic or better rankings or to get a web page indexed or just to make you feel good? If any other reason then you can mention it.

2. Next you need to map out your strategy and find out the person who is going to do the work or the time when it would start and also a roughly estimated finishing date. Also ask yourself whether you have a reporting process or not.

3. Now, you need to look into more details of mapping out their strategy. Do you have web pages where the links are directed to? What is your keyword or anchor text for each of those web pages? How can people find the website which is being used to get links? What are the types of content or websites which you are targeting in order to get links?

4. After that, there is more mapping out of strategy which needs to be done. Now you’ll have to figure out where the links would be gathered. Is it from your own sites or friends or reviews or forums or news sites or guest posting or social sites, etc. You get the idea.

5. Finally you need to be bold and ask for links. At the same time you need to create relative and valuable content which can compel people to link back to you. After that you need to plan out and build a process which would be suitable for you.

So this checklist helps you to stay on the right direction when you are planning out your link building strategies. Remember that determination along with the right amount of knowledge and plenty of creativity is the key to formulating a great link building strategy!


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