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Success Stories

The Client

The client here runs one of America’s leading online boot stores. The store sells over 30 brands and there are in excess of 4000 boots for women, children and men.

The Challenge

The client got in touch with us with the aim to improve and expand on the on-going Pay-Per-Click (PPC) activity. While CS had been working with the client on the online business’s paid search campaign for several months now, the main focus this time was to enhance conversions and cut down the cost-per-conversion for all the available products on the site.

The Approach

The approach here, to ensure that the client gets viable results, was to design and implement a completely integrated solution. The aim was to provide the client with complete visibility of revenue and conversions so that bids can be managed effectively.

Another aim here was to set CPAs across the board. This would lead to a decrease in average CPAs where required. Also, there would be a visible increase in the number of clips and conversions.

The Outcome

The campaign and solutions that we had put in place were successful. In December 2011, PPC results were compared with those of December 2010. A clear year-on-year comparison reveled:

– an 8.5% reduction in the spend,
– a 23% reduction in the overall CPA,
– a 19% increase in transactions, and
– a 39% increase in ROAS.

In addition, since we have started managing the campaign, we have successfully rolled out new ads for all the main categories (Fire Boots, Waterproof Boots, etc.). This has resulted in a direct increase in the click through rate which has gone from 3.73% to 5.2%.

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