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Affiliate Marketing

Unearth a whole new world of customers

We focus on creation of long-term benefits through targeted affiliate marketing. Our approach leads to strategic partnership with potential high quality and high ranking publishers. It will lead to creation of high quality traffic which will yield consistent returns.
Affiliate Marketing Campaign undertaken by Cheasyy Solution:

Affiliate Marketing Strategy & Planning: After initiating a dialogue with you about your business prospects and having understood the functioning of your business, your targeted audience and the geographical reach that you are focusing on, we will suggest you a definitive affiliate strategy. We will facilitate in formulation of profit sharing methods and schemes with affiliates. We will support you plan engagement and disengagement of affiliates at various stages of business cycle.

Marketing Collateral: We help you design and deliver most attractive and convincing promotional material.  Affiliates will be promoting your products and services in full swing by tapping their potential customers and they may also engage another level of affiliates to support them. Context sensitive material will be updated at regular intervals to confirm the promoter’s seriousness in the business. It will take a long way in establishing fruitful relations with affiliates.

Recruiting Publishers: We will add new affiliates through innovative online marketing strategies. We will ensure that your targets are effectively implemented with our quality affiliates which we have built over the years. In special circumstances we will explore and engage specialized affiliates to handle your peculiar business needs. We are flexible enough to chalk out a winning strategy as per your expectations.

Affiliate Engagement: Affiliates coordination and communication in an integral part to retain and train affiliates. We undertake periodic assessments to understand the pitfalls or mismatches that may happen over a period of time. This is to ensure that affiliates run in the right direction to bring maximum returns to the clients.

The Client Said…

These guys are great! Excited about the opportunity to work with them again.

Christa W

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Unearth a whole new world of customers.

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